about us

Tocca Bocca
the place where the magic begins

A pleasant atmosphere, marvelous magic of good vibrations, the combination of Mediterranean and traditional cuisine will awaken and fill all your senses.

Food is not made by recipes, but by the passion with which it is prepared, so from the heart of the masters of our kitchen, food with unique flavors is created. With their selection, they will take you on a culinary journey to the destinations you love and times you remember.

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The authentic atmosphere
charm, blend of modern and traditional

will make the moment you have set aside for your family, friends, partners and associates special.

Whether you start the day with a morning coffee or end it with an evening get-together, you will discover the beauty of the moment you dedicated to friends, family, colleagues…

Tocca Bocca – feel the touch of perfect food on your lips and the good vibes of magical destinations in your city.

about our team
Meet Our Chefs
executive chef
Miloš Ranitović
sous chef
Veljko Jovović
shift manager
Stefan Slavković
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